Secret Sauce

Possibility starts here – every time When it comes right down to it, our clients hire us to do three things: think big, execute flawlessly and deliver on time and budget. Whether we are coming up with design concepts for marketing collateral, designing an award-winning trade show exhibit, creating a website, fabricating unique signage, or installing a one-of-a-kind corporate environment, we can take on any project that allows us to draw on our brain power, mastery of design, craftsmanship and of course…secret sauce.

So you need a brand refresh, a new trade show exhibit, environmental graphics, or custom signage? Let’s get started.

Embrace the unexpected

Advertising and marketing from a non-ad agency? Websites from folks who use a shop bot on a regular basis? Custom trade show exhibits from corporate interior display experts? We know that surprises you. And that’s exactly what we aim to do with all of our creative work. Instead of limiting ourselves, Point is the kind of company that goes above and beyond to deliver solutions to our clients. While you can count on smart strategy, serious design chops and expert craftsmanship on every project, be prepared for unconventional, out-of-the-box thinking no matter what the deliverable may be. Also know that we challenge our clients to push ideas and execution to get the best outcome. And our understanding of dimensional design gives us added powers of creative visualization (which translates into new levels of creativity). See for yourself.

Own your space

We strongly believe that your company’s environment can inform, inspire and impress your clients, guests and employees. It can truly be the place where your brand lives and breathes. We are well-versed in retail and corporate interiors, wayfinding signs, custom wallpaper, and dimensional signage. Whether your space is small or large, we are adept at maximizing visual impact and creating a unique experience for anyone who visits. From design to fabrication to installation, we can guarantee every detail will communicate the story and essence of your brand. See for yourself.

Be best in show

We founded our company on designing and building trade show exhibits. And over the years, we have turned the process into a fine art. We offer full service capabilities and can handle any type of custom construction in-house. We know all the factors that need to be considered: shipping, weight, transport, set-up, storage. Not only are we masters of trade show display design and creation, we are also one of North Carolina’s premier museum design and fabrication companies. See for yourself.