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We design and build
experiences, connecting
the brand and customer.

Our Services

Trade Show & Museum

Trade show displays and museum exhibits both utilize state of the art design and construction techniques to create immersive environments to inform and teach.


Environmental Graphics

If walls could talk, what would they say? Environmental graphics are an artistic representation of your values, mission, and vision. They inform, inspire, and motivate employees, customers, and visitors.


Experiential Design

Engage the senses and you engage the customer. Sight, sound, and touch work in concert to create a more vivid, memorable experience. At Point, we believe that accomplishing the marketing goal for a particular project is most successful when the senses are engaged and positively connect the end-user with the brand.


Uniquely Custom

Somewhere between “custom” and “never-been-done-before” are ideas that need to be built and brought to life. The next question is “who can make this?” At Point, located in Raleigh, North Carolina, we have been making unique requests for almost thirty years.