Point | The Paperclip Effect

It’s easy to get lost in our daily projects and feel detached from the local thriving world of art and design flourishing all around us here in the Triangle. During a company-wide brainstorm, we agreed it’s time to invite the incredible talent which surrounds us and provide a space to make a statement of their own.

We identified a wall in our conference room that could become a blank canvas — a no-holds-barred wall of awesomeness for local talent to showcase their skills and personality. To kick things off, we decided to make a first run at it with our in-house talent — a mix that includes sculptors and industrial, interior, and graphic designers. 16,492 paperclips later, our wall is now home to our very own unique creation (and no … we haven’t lost our minds). We could explain the process that led to paperclips and R2-D2, but really, it all just grew from a conversation about our favorite iconic images and what we could do with a low-tech paperclip.

We call it “The Paperclip Effect.”